Dear Sirs, we are happy to announce that the new version of the software complex Macroscop – 2.1 is now available.
What’s new?
1. Object inter-camera tracking has become even more convenient and simpler in use…

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Offer of the month

Macroscop is a smart software complex for IP video surveilance systems that processes, analyzes, stores and presents video data.

Using Macroscop you can create a state-or-the-art and highly efficient video surveillance system…

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GS1900-8HP - 10-port 1 Gigabyte Ethernet commutator with PoE and SFP ports manufactured by one of the world's leading manufacturers.

GS1900-10HP – 10-port 1 Gigabyte Ethernet PoE switch with SFP ports manufactured by one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Advanced network error prevention features (loop protection, dual images, storm control, anti-DoS, Error disable)…

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