macroscopMacroscop is a smart software complex for IP video surveillance systems, which successfully processes, analyzes, stores and shows video data.By using Macroscop, you can obtain a state-of-the-art high efficiency video surveillance system of any scale, which will pleasantly surprise you by its simplicity, on the one hand, and a wide range of functional options, on the other hand.Advantages of Macroscop software complex.

  • A material reduction of the amount of investment in the server equipment. Macroscop exclusive development is the video analysis technology in compressed video stream without full unpacking. Thanks to this technology, the load on the calculation resources of the server platform is reduced to as little as 4 times.
  • Freedom of choice of IP-camera models for your project. Macroscop software complex today supports over 3000 models of IP-cameras manufactured by over 110 manufacturers.
  • Simplicity and convenience of using the system. The program has a user-friendly interface and enables to quickly and conveniently configure systems from the simplest ones to the most complicated ones with a substantial number of servers and cameras.
  • Top reliability and fail-safety.Macroscop software is time tested and has confirmed its reliability on a number of sites in various application sectors and fields, which is proved by a lot of positive feedback.
  • A wide range of smart modules. Functional capabilities of Macroscop software complex are easily extended by connecting additional smart modules, which have been appreciated and claimed by Macroscop clients for a very long time.

Macroscop has been constantly following the new trends in the sector and continues to improve its software product in order to give its clients the most innovative and popular functional options in the sector of video surveillance systems. We are ready to cooperate with you in solving your daily issues and tasks as well as in participating in development of custom solutions.




Macroscop team.