Stamp Q Ltd. offers its customers the service Data recovery for any types of damaged data media. The main component of this service is professional software and hardware complex PC-3000. Activities with damaged data media are performed in a special environment complying with all the requirements.

Data recovery in the case of logical or physical damage of data carriers.

Types of damage:
  • Mechanical impact
  • Damage due to liquid
  • Voltage surges
  • Microsoftware destruction
  • Controller damage
  • Reading/recording head block sticking and other mechanical issues
  • Reading/recording head block commutator damage
  • Surface defects
  • File system errors
  • Improper user action
Data storage media:
  • Notebook/laptop hard drives
  • Desktop PC hard drives
  • External hard drives
  • Network storage media
  • Solid-state drives
  • USB flash drives, memory cards
Terms and conditions:
  • Diagnostics of damaged data media is carried out free of charge.
  • Possible recovery terms are set only after a damaged data medium is diagnosed in our service. Final price for lost data recovery is set following the diagnostics.
  • Any activities related to data recovery are carried out after they have been agreed upon with the customer.
  • In the event not all requested data are recovered, price may be reduced or the customer has the right not to pay for this service. If the customer fully refuses to pay for the service, no recovered data are made available to the customer.
  • Should donor drives be required for data recovery, their price is also agreed upon with the customer and paid for regardless of the result of the recovery activities.
  • Recovered data are handed over to the customer only after 100% payment is effected.
  • During data recovery the damaged data medium is not subject to repair.
  • We guarantee confidentiality by service employees. Customer data are not used in any manner or sent to any third party.