Frequency 9.4 GHz

Forteza 12

1. Purpose

The purpose of “FORTEZA-12”, a quickly deployed microwave complex (hereinafter referred to as the complex), is to provide temporary protection of perimeter sectors, parking places of planes, motor transport or other mobile objects when there are not any sources of dc power supply. It also generates alarms over a radio channel and sends them to the guard post located at a distance of 6000 m when an intruder crosses a protected sector.

2. General information

2.1. The main component of the complex is a bistatic microwave detector. Its principle of operation is to generate electromagnetic field in the space between a transmitter and a receiver, which forms a volumetric detection zone in the form of a oblong ellipsoid of rotation and registers the changes of this field when an intruder crosses a detection zone.
2.2. The complex forms a protected perimeter with the total length of a protected boundary up to 1000 m. The whole perimeter of the site is divided into 20 sectors 50 meters long. The interval of the posts’ installation is 50m. Local receiving and transmitting units are mounted on the posts in turns. A local transmitting unit includes two local transmitters, a storage battery and a radio channel transmitter which transmits an alarm to the remote receiver of the radio channel. The radio channel receiver can receive and identifies an alarm from 20 transmitters. It provides selection of the sector where an alarm is generated.
2.3. The complex operates and keeps its specifications when the temperature of:
  • local part of the complex is –40°C …+50°C;
  • stationary part of the complex is -20°C…+50°C;
  • and the maximum humidity is 98% at a temperature of 35°C.

Forteza 12

3. Specific features

3.1. No adjustment and alignment.
3.2. Insensitivity to vibration.
3.3. No “dead zones” on detection.
3.4. Microstrip production technique of SHF units.
3.5. High “liveness” of the complex.
3.6. Possibility of retransmission of an alarm.
3.7. No mutual influence of several kits operating in the neighborhood.

4. Specifications

4.1. Total length of a detection zone of the complex is 1 000m (20 sectors, 50 m each).
4.2. Detection zone of the sector:
  • length of a detection zone is 5…50m;
  • maximum width of a detection zone at the maximum length is 8 m;
  • minimal height of a detection zone at the maximum length is 2,5m.
4.3. Probability of intruder detection is 0,98 minimum.
4.4. Supply voltage DC of:
  • local equipment – 6V(accumulator);
  • radio channel receiver – 6V(accumulator) or via a supply unit from 220V supply system.
4.5. The radio channel rage on the open terrain is up to 6000 m.
4.6. Maximum time of the complex deployment (contraction) is 50 min.
4.7. Minimum time of the complex operation from accumulators at a temperature of 20°C is 7 days.

5. Opearing characteristics

5.1. Mounting – “opening” of the post from the stowed position into the tripod stand with the subsequent mounting of the local unit with an accumulator in clamps. Energization is carried out by pressing the local unit in clamps until the click.
5.2. Alignment is positioning of a transmitting and a receiving units to each other.
5.3. Performance check is check passes.

6. Location of the complex elements

Forteza 12 raspolozhenie

7. Delivery kit

Post 21 items (or other quantity on order).
Local receiving unit 10 items.
Local transmitting unit 11 items.
Radio channel receiver 1 item.
Remote antenna 1 item.
Charging unit 3 items.
Package 1 item.
Certificate and operating manual 1 item.