1.Purpose and general information.

Quadrosense is a special fence protection and step detection system. The main part of the system is the control unit, where the vibration detection cables and seismic sensors are connected.

Main features. Quick and simple installation; reliable operation; free combination of vibration and seismic detecting elements; easy adjustment with remote PC software; the sensor elements are passive, need no additional power supply.

2. Fence protection with sensitive wire:

The sensitive wire protect any types of fences from an intrusion by means of climbing over or destroying them.
The vibration detection cable is a special triboelectric cable, which should be connected to the protected fence, in saw-toothed form or another . One end of the cable is connected to the control unit, the other end is terminated by a resistor. The vibration caused by the intruder’s motion generates scrubbing in cable elements, which induces capacity. According to the adjustments this capacity changing can generate alarm. The maximum vibration cable length is up to 250 m. The usage of this cable is recommended on a fence, which can transmit vibration to the cable. It is also recommended where the intruder causes cable vibration directly.

For example it is recommended under the ground to prevent digging, or at the top of the concrete wall, where the intruder causes direct cable vibration during climbing over the wall.


Protected objects:

  • rabitz wire netting, welded galvanized wire, steel barbed tape security coil, mesh wire, flat reinforced barbed tape;
  • wooden, brick, ferroconcrete, steel barrages;
    metal grates;
  • roofs of buildings, hangars, gates;
  • vibration detection cable length:  for one input channel up to 250 m.

3. Seismic step detectors:

The seismic step detection elements are buried under the ground 15-30 cm. They are insensible. They convert the mechanic vibration caused by the intruder person or vehicle to electric signals. This control unit signals alarm according to this information. They can be installed under concrete surfaces also. The seismic detection cable length is about 225 m which can contain up to 15 detectors. The detection diameter is up to 15 m in ideal conditions.
Seismic (step) detection area: for one input channel approx. 225 m (up to 15 seismic  sensors, approx. 15 m diameter for each sensor)

Adjustment for changed environmental conditions is performed automatically;
– Simple and convenient exploitation;
– Efficiency/cost  is one of the best advantages of all similar sensors;
– Sensor connection to PC for adjustment and checking;
– Signals recording for their next test.

4.Control unit Qadrosence specification:

The control unit can be connected with up to four detecting elements, which can be in free combination. The detecting elements are passive, they don’t need additional power supply. The operating parameters can be individually configured by connected remote PC software. The control unit has four alarm relay outputs to transmit alarm signal. The box of the control unit has IP65 protection.

The detector is functional and does not generate false alarms when:

  • movement of a group of people (up to five people) at a distance of at least 1 m from the fence;
  • movement of road transport of up to 5 tons along the fence at a distance of not less than 20 m;
  • movement along the rail fence at a distance not less than 100 m;
  • wind loads when wind speed up to 20 m / s (gusts up to 25 m / s);
  • precipitation in the form of rain intensity up to 40 mm / h, snow and hail intensity (in
  • terms of water) to 10 mm / h, increasing to a maximum value over time, not less than 2 minutes;
  • the presence of crossing transmission lines with voltage of 110 kV with a height of suspension wires not less than 15 m;
  • Work VHF radios power up to 5 W at a distance not less than 2 m from Jae;
  • Flying planes and helicopters at a height of not less than 100 m;
  • Electromagnetic and acoustic interference in the storm;
  • Single mechanical effects on the barrier (stick, ball, stone, etc.);
  • Product is resistant to exposure to precipitation, solar radiation, dynamic dust.
  • The probability of detection of wrongdoing, not less than 0,95.
  • The product provides the Degree of protection of a shell from an environmental protection IP-65.